Mrs. Beekman Invites You To Call …

Good afternoon, dear friends. I am delighted that you are able to join me for a tour of our Jacksonville home.  My husband, Cornelius Beekman, had purchased the lots in 1870 and then had the house constructed in what was known as a “Carpenter Gothic” style.  We were so crowded in our previous house that we moved in before this one was even finished!   

I used to receive guests during regular calling hours on Mondays and Thursday.  Although we may not be meeting in person now, a good friend of the family has explained how we can visit using “posts” so I am writing you short notes about the things I am quite fond of and items that might be of interest to you.  Please forgive me if I occasionally share reminiscences since almost everything we own comes with memories. 

Admittedly, it does seem strange to write notes to you yet not mail them, but I am assured that you will receive them.  And I do welcome the opportunity to visit with you, even from a distance!





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