2014-Easter-Egg-Roll Events: Old-Fashioned Easter Egg Roll

Jacksonville children can experience an Old-Fashioned Easter Egg Roll at the City’s historic Beekman House, 470 E. California Street, between 1 and 3 pm on Easter Sunday afternoon. In addition to the egg roll, this free event includes other children’s activities along with live music and an egg toss for adults.

European settlers brought the tradition of egg rolling with them when they founded the original American colonies. First Lady Dolly Madison supposedly initiated the National Easter Egg Roll in 1814 on the grounds of the Capitol building. In 1878, President Rutherford B. Hayes (who visited Jacksonville in 1880) moved it to the west lawn of the White House after Congress complained. For pre-Christians, the egg symbolized the rebirth of the land in spring. For Christians, the egg roll was symbolic of rolling the rock away from Jesus’ tomb.

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Note: If it is raining, the Easter Egg Roll will be canceled.



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