Photo Gallery – Victorian Hobbies & Crafts


Paula Hartnen of Siskiyou Lacemakers Guild demonstrates bobbin lace.


Southern Oregon Miniaturists’ displays draw oohs and aahs!


Jeanette Eliason and Elizabeth Acorn of the Rogue Valley Handweavers Guild.


Jerry Greer of the Woodcarving Place visits with guests.


House Tour

 Beekman House tour


 Beekman Crazy Quilt Pillows  

 Beekman crazy quilt pillows


Ginger Rogers Crazy Quilt Riding Cap  

 Ginger Rogers Crazy Quilt Riding Cap


 Quilters Bed Turning  

 Quilters bed turning


 Quilters Bed Turning (2)  

 Quilters bed turning (2)


 Quilts on Display  

 Quilts on display



VHC Ben Beekman's Pipe Cleaner Art   

 Ben Beekman’s pipe cleaner art

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