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The Club is part of the legacy of Storm Large, Jacksonville’s Great Dane “history ambassador” who, on every Wednesday for over 7 years, shared our town’s historic sites along with their stories. Learn more about the origins of Walkabout Wednesday by clicking here.





Ariel and Caliban are two 5-year-old Smooth Collies named after characters from Shakespeare’s “The Tempest.”  Although born two months apart in different litters, they think of themselves as “brother and sister” and love to engage in rowdy bouts of sibling rivalry.  Cali is the dark tri-colored male; Ariel the light sable-colored female. Ariel is also known to be mischief prone!

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Gracie is an 8-year-old red tri-color Australian Shepherd who was rescued from a shelter in La Grande in 2021.  She is smart and inquisitive, albeit a bit of a “Gladys Kravitz,” always wanting to know what is going on around town. Walkabout Wednesdays give her plenty of opportunities to check on things.

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Jaxon is a 3-year-old English Springer Spaniel who enjoys flushing out balls rather than birds. He loves camping, hiking, and swimming, and, in winter, finds romping in snow great fun! He also is a seasoned Jacksonville tour guide, having “subbed” for Storm Large when she was on vacation. And when not exploring new sites to share with Club fans, Jaxon feels it’s his duty to stand sentinel over the town from his hillside home.

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Mozzie is a playful yellow Lab, born in early 2022. He loves belly rubs and keeping his work-from-home mom company, especially since that means hourly treats from a “good dog” cookie jar.   He’s always ready for his twice daily excursions through residential neighborhoods and particularly likes to explore Jacksonville’s Pioneer Cemetery.  

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 Rhoda is a 13 pound, 4-year-old Norwich Terrier.  She moved all the way to Jacksonville from Idaho, and she loves it here!  She also loves exploring the town, but given her diminutive size, she finds that peering under a gate is often the best way for her to give you her dog’s eye view of history.

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At 15+ years, Tova is the senior member of our Walkabout Wednesday Club. A mixed breed Corgi and mini–Australian Shepherd, she has been a therapy dog for nursing homes and schools. Her favorite volunteer service now is the Wednesday children’s reading program at the Jacksonville Library.

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Trevor is a 13-year-old “Bagel” (Basset Hound + Beagle mix) and one of Historic Jacksonville, Inc.’s Walkabout Wednesday Club “senior citizens.”  Trevor was adopted at the age of 2 from the Southern California Basset Rescue who determined his lineage and affectionately declared him a “Bagel.”  His favorite outings around town are to City Hall, the Planning Department, Animal Kind, and Rebel Heart Books for treats.  As a “Bagel,” Trevor brings a different visual perspective to Jacksonville than Storm Large, but Trevor is equally excited to be sharing our town’s storied history!

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