Caro’s Corner

March 2, 2021

Although this 1-story brick building was constructed in 1861 for the Haines brothers, for many years this prime Oregon and California street intersection was known as Caro’s Corner.  By 1866 Isador Caro was conducting a general merchandise variety store at this site.  That same year, he was joined by his 16-year-old brother, Simon, who arrived in Jacksonville directly from Hamburg, Germany.  While in Jacksonville, Simon learned Chinese to more readily deal with the 800 Chinese miners in Jackson County.  Even when the brothers moved to Ashland in 1870, becoming among the first merchants in that city, the intersection retained its Caro’s Corner moniker.  And Simon did retain local business interests, entering into partnership with the Fisher brothers.  Simon apparently had a real knack for business since the 1870 census showed a 20-year-old Simon as having $500 in real estate and $3,000 in his personal estate and subsequent censuses showed him as head of household.  In fact, Simon was such a success that he was able to visit his mother in Germany every other year until her death.