It’s History Trivia Tuesday!

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It’s History Trivia Tuesday!  Britt Festivals has now announced its complete season, but did you know that Peter britt himself hosted informal band concerts on his porch in the 1860s?

Music was part of Germanic culture and Jacksonville’s German speaking immigrants turned 19th Century Jacksonville into a musical culture center.  Almost everyone in town owned a musical instrument, and many participated in Jacksonville’s Silver Cornet Band.  The band was a popular attraction at town events and enlivened many social occasions. They even had their own band wagon which allowed them to “tour” the Valley.  Members had to own their instruments, attend all rehearsals, and show up for performances. 

Although the band won many contests, not all residents were fans.  Someone described it as “adding a harmonious noise to the community and may have had something to do with driving the predatory wild animals out of the forest surrounding Jacksonville.”



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