The Walkabout Wednesday Club – Jaxon
Jaxon, Historic Jacksonville, Inc.’s English Springer Spaniel pal is a founding member of our Walkabout Wednesday Club. 
Applebaker Barn

Jaxon is visiting the Applebaker Barn, located at the corner of North 3rd and D streets.  It’s one of the few remaining structures directly linked to Jacksonville’s early agricultural economy.

The building was originally a steam grist mill, located in the 800 block of South 3rd Street. Constructed in 1880 at an estimated cost of $11,000, it was described in that December’s Democratic Times newspaper as 3 stories in height with a solid stone foundation. It boasted the “latest most improved machinery” that could grind the “finest quality flour” at the rate of 1,100 pounds of wheat an hour or 150,000 bushels a year—equivalent to all the surplus wheat grown in the Rogue Valley at that time. Businessman Gustav Karewski purchased it in 1881 and within three years it ranked third in the state in flour production. In 1915, Joseph Applebaker dismantled, moved, and reconstructed the reconfigured building at its present location to serve as his blacksmith’s shop.

Actually, we wonder if Jaxon may be more interested in the old jalopy behind him than the barn’s history.  He’s hoping he can go for a ride!

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Chris Keegan House

Jaxon is visiting the Chris Keegan House at the corner of D and North 3rd streets.  It’s one of only four residences in Jacksonville constructed with board and batten exterior sheathing.  Although it’s known as the Chris Keegan House, it was actually built for Minnie Obenchain around 1907.  The Obenchains had ranched in Klamath County for some 20 years, but Minnie moved back to Jacksonville after her husband Madison passed away.  Minnie probably built this house as a rental and Chris Keegan and his family apparently occupied the home for several years before purchasing it in 1919.  For many years, Keegan and Harry Luy were partners in the Luy and Keegan Saloon located on the north side of California Street near 3rd.

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