The Walkabout Wednesday Club – Caliban and Ariel

We’d like to introduce you to Caliban and Ariel, two 5-year-old Smooth Collies named after characters from Shakespeare’s “The Tempest.”  Although born two months apart in different litters, they think of themselves as “brother and sister.”  Cali is the dark tri-colored male; Ariel the light sable-colored female.



Have you ever noticed the barred door and “Jail” sign on the Oregon Street side of Jacksonville’s Old City Hall at the corner of S. Oregon and W. Main streets?  It’s the doorway to one of 2 “calabooses,” i.e., jail cells, that were incorporated into the building’s 1880s architecture.  (The other “calaboose” is accessed from inside the building.)  From 1881 until the 1930s or ‘40s, the two cells were used to house the town’s “delinquents.”  Translation: it was the town’s drunk tank.  However, Ariel, who is known for getting into a bit of mischief, appears to be wondering if she might be seeing the interior sooner rather than later!

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