1932 Living History

Plan to Time Travel to 1932 Jacksonville when we again offer these highly praised living history tours!  The country is deep into the Great Depression.  New York Governor Franklin Roosevelt is running for President.  Groucho Marx is on the radio.  Miners are digging up Jacksonville streets looking for any leftover gold, and hobos are hoping for hand outs.

The Beekman parents have passed away and the “children,” Carrie and Ben, are in Jacksonville for the weekend closing up their 1870s family home with the help of family members and friends.  And you are invited to visit!

Step back almost a century and experience Depression Era Jacksonville.  Become part of this 1-hour “play” as you interact with Carrie and Ben, family members, and their former housekeeper.  They will be sorting through family belongings, commenting on 1932 local and national events, and reminiscing about life in the late 1800s in one of Southern Oregon’s richest and most prominent pioneer families.  



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