“Victorian Days”

The 2nd half of he 19th Century saw major changes in transportation, medical practices, fashion, household conveniences, jobs, and more as the Industrial Revolution’s inventions and innovations changed everyone’s lifestyle. 

View different aspects of life in the late 1800s through the lens of the gold mining town of Jacksonville, Oregon, and the Beekman family, the town’s most prominent and wealthiest pioneers!

These popular tours at Jacksonville’s historic 1870s C.C. Beekman House Museum look at the dramatic changes in life during the late 1800s Industrial Revolution along with the lingering social expectations that continued to influence adoption of these changes.   

The Museum is located at 470 E. California Street.  

In 2023 Historic Jacksonville, Inc. will be offering 2 Victorian Days weekends.



September 16 & 17 – The Well Dressed Victorian” highlights fashions from the 60+ years of Queen Victoria’s reign.  No style in history has remained as popular as Victorian Era fashion.  Each room of the house will feature docents and mannequins costumed in appropriate styles from the Civil War to the early 1900s depicting fashions for social calls, travel, daytime activities, formal dinners, mourning, country outings, servants, undergarments, and more and describing their evolution.



October 21 & 22 – “Victorian Mourning Customs – Honoring the Dearly Departed” shares the elaborate rituals Victorians created around the passing of a loved one.  The house will be decorated as a Victorian house in mourning—clocks stopped, mirrors draped in black, mourning wreath on the door, coffin in the parlor.  Costumed docents will share the fashions, home décor, funeral etiquette, social behavior, and personal mementos that honored the dearly departed in the late 1800s. 


Victorian Days tours will begin every 20 minutes starting at 12n with the last tour beginning at 3pm.  Tour groups are limited to 8 people and 10 tours are offered each day.  

Tours are $10 per person and reservations are required.  Walk-ups are accommodated on a “space available” basis.  


September 16 & 17 – Victorian FashionsTime

Docents and mannequins display fashions appropriate for social calls, travel, daytime activities, formal dinners, mourning, country outings, servants, undergarments, and more.  

Saturday, September 16,2023

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Sunday, September 17, 2023TimeTime  
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October 21 & 22 – Victorian Mourning CustomsTime

Learn how Victorians honored their dearly departed with elaborate rituals covering everything from fashion to home décor to funeral etiquette to social behavior to personal mementos.  

Saturday, October 21,2023

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Sunday, October 22, 2023TimeTime  
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DISCLAIMER:  All tour attendees do so at their own risk and waive any liability claims against Historic Jacksonville, Inc. or any volunteer.  This includes illness and injury, as well as loss, damage or theft of property.  Historic Jacksonville, Inc. reserves the right to refuse admission or eject persons at any time.



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