Visit Jacksonville’s Historic Homes!
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Visit 27 different historic houses.  The wooden 1855 Mathew G. Kennedy house, with its stacked sandstone foundation, is the town’s oldest residential structure still in existence.




The 1892 Jeremiah Nunan house is an exuberant example of Queen Anne architecture and symbolic of both its owner and an earlier era in Jacksonville’s history defined by lusty gold mining and productive agricultural trade.



The 1916 TouVelle house is considered one of the finest examples in the Rogue Valley of Craftsman architecture during the early 20th Century “Orchard Boom.”  This Stickley influenced home was built as a wedding present by Judge Frank TouVelle for his wife.  It’s also unique in that it incorporates a portion the 1866 home of the William Hoffmans, one of Jacksonville’s most prominent pioneer families.  Their Victorian Gothic cottage was transformed into the library and dining room.

Other homes include examples of 19th Century architectural styles including  “Federalist,” “Farmhouse Vernacular,” “Classic Revival,” “Victorian Gothic,” and “Italianate,” to name a few.  While some of your tour stops share interior views, all share the stories of the individuals who transformed a gold rush town into Southern Oregon’s 19th Century social, governmental, and commercial hub.

This video tour was made possible by a grant from the Jackson County Cultural Coalition, part of the Oregon Cultural Trust.

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