Visit Jacksonville’s Historic Cemetery!
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Welcome to Jacksonville’s Historic Cemetery!

Jacksonville’s pioneer cemetery is one of the oldest in the Pacific Northwest, and one of the few that has remained in continuous use. These 32 acres, containing over 4,000 grave sites, provide a glimpse into Jacksonville’s past.  Here you can learn about the people who settled Southern Oregon, their families, their beliefs, their occupations, and their organizations .

Most of the pioneers who came to Jacksonville came for one of two reasons—gold or free land.  Many who came for the gold, stayed for the land.  Most of those who got rich, however, were those who supplied goods and services to the miners and settlers.  In the process of seeking their fortunes, our pioneers endured extreme hardship, Indian attacks, epidemics, and untimely deaths.  Dreamers, opportunists, successes and failures, here they rest….

Visit the Friends of Jacksonville’s Historic Cemetery website for information about tours, marker cleaning workshops, clean up days, and their “adopt a grave” program!





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