Pioneer History in
Story & Song 
David Gordon


Join us in 2021 for another season of Pioneer History in Story & Song!  We anticipate posting concert dates in January.

In the meantime, enjoy video clips from some of David’s other concerts by visiting his website at  Plus David has released a new CD featuring selections from five years of his Pioneer History in Story & Song series.  Titled “Wayfarin’ Stranger,” the CD is only available at

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David Gordon has been described by The Washington Post as “an irresistible performer,” weaving a soothing musical tapestry of songs, irresistible vocals, gentle guitar stylings, stories, musings, and his own unique brand of goofy humor. After a 40+ year career as an internationally acclaimed classical tenor, David is now a resident of Jacksonville and exploring his musical roots as singer, guitarist, historian, and story teller.

David’s performances are intimate, casual, fun, and filled with memorable music and fascinating historical background. His combination of colorful music and true stories ignites the imagination, and brings life to history.

You can revisit part of David’s 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019 series at his website,

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