Sept 17, 2019


Living (And Barely Breathing) History In Jacksonville
Jacksonville was born and grew into the county seat back in the Victorian days.  Even now the historic downtown does not look that different from how it looked when “good Queen Vic” was alive. Historic Jacksonville, Inc. spends a few days this month and next recreating those halcyon (and occasionally bizarre) times in town.  Events include people wearing Victorian clothing and recreating elaborate Victorian mourning rituals.
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Screen shot 2014-07-15 at  Jul 15   3.40.12 PMAugust 29, 2019

  Tank of Gas Getaway:
Jacksonville Haunted History Tour
Perhaps the best way to learn about historic Jacksonville, Oregon is to discover it’s ghostly past. Creepy? Oh, yes. Fascinating? Definitely! In this Tank of Gas Getaway, we reveal Jacksonville’s strange, haunted history.
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June 10, 2019   Take A Step Through History
Guests will learn about the life of a Jacksonville billiard saloon owner during walking tours that tell the stories of people, places and events that made the town the commercial, government and social hub of Southern Oregon in the late 1800s. Organized by Historic Jacksonville Inc., the free tours are offered each Saturday morning starting at 10 a.m. at the historic courthouse square on North Fifth Street between C and D streets. Tours continue through Aug. 31.
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 December 7, 2017  

Jacksonville “treasure hunt” turns up historical books
One of Jacksonville’s first doctors has returned to the public eye after a collection of his books was returned to the shelves of the Beekman Bank at Third and California streets. “I noticed a trend. A lot of them were signed Chas B. Brooks. I thought, ‘Who is this?,’ ” said volunteer Gayle Lewis, who was involved in bringing back to the bank 119 volumes that had been in the possession of the Southern Oregon Historical Society.
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 December 4, 2017  

Bank on a Merry Beekman Christmas
When Historic Jacksonville, Inc. opens the historic Beekman Bank Museum for “Behind the Counter” tours during Jacksonville’s Victorian Christmas celebration over the first three weekends in December, they will also be sharing an early Christmas present with the public. The Southern Oregon Historical Society is returning many of the original books that lined the bank’s shelves, just in time for the holidays.
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 December 4, 2017  

Beekman House and Larry Smith
Jacksonville artist Tony Laenen captured the essence of Victorian Christmas with his delightful watercolor depiction of Town Crier and Historian Larry Smith ringing-in holiday cheer. After retiring in 2000 as a Civil Engineer with the US Geological Survey, Tony began painting. Soon after, he and his wife, Carol, moved to Jacksonville in 2014 from the Portland area. He usually works in watercolor and acrylics and is a member of Art Presence where you can view more oh his work during their December art exhibit. In addition, Tony also does woodcarving (1/8-scale carousel horses) and has recently published a book, The Journey.


Beekman Bank @ theDoveNewsroom
Aired Friday, July 7, 2017 – If you were to make a deposit today at a bank in Jacksonville, Oregon it might be all electronic or using an ATM. But in the late 1800’s things were a little different. We take a trip back in time, to much simpler time, at the Beekman Bank. Here is theDove’s Demi DeSoto to help make your deposit historic.
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Back in Time @ theDoveNewsroom
Aired Thursday, May 4, 2017 – Southern Oregon is rich in history. A gold mining town has had many firsts for the west coast. Many descendants there, today remember the stories told for generations. There is a way to go back in time in Jacksonville, Oregon.
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Victorian Etiquette.  For KDRV by Julia Moore
Aired Friday, August 19th describing etiquette rules and behavior of the Victorian period in Jacksonville.
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Mind Your Manners.  For KTVL by Stephanie Martinez
Aired describing Victorian etiquette with a tour of Jacksonville’s historic Beekman House. View video.

KTVZ logo   Road Trip: Jacksonville offers history, music – fine wine. For KTVZ by Elizabeth Amos
Nestled away in the Rogue Valley of southern Oregon, the city of Jacksonville may be small. But with its rich history and thriving tourism, it’s anything but ordinary.
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JV Review July-2016July, 2016   Step Behind the Counter of the Oldest Bank in the Pacific Northwest!
The historic Beekman Bank is again open for business with docents accepting “deposits” to help preserve and share local history. From 11:00am to 4:00pm, Friday through Monday, the public is invited to step behind the counter of the oldest bank in the Pacific Northwest. Read more.
Screen shot 2014-07-15 at  Jul 15   3.38.19 PMJuly 8, 2016   “New tour delves into Jacksonville’s more sordid past” – by Vickie Aldous, Mail Tribune
According to one tale from Jacksonville’s colorful past, a gambler caught cheating at cards was lynched one night, his body left dangling from a noose on the front porch of the historic John Miller House. Read more.
  “Celebrate Victorian Christmas at Jacksonville’s Historic Beekman House”
Throughout December, costumed docents share the origins of popular Christmas traditions and Beekman family holiday festivities in the late 1800s.  Read more.
KTVL-logo   “Behind the Counter – Beekman Bank Tours
Aired Sunday, July 19, 2015, detailing the history behind the bank founded by Cornelius C. Beekman
Screen shot 2014-07-15 at  Jul 15   3.40.12 PM   “Beekman House Tours to Benefit Access
Aired December 27, 2014, describing the tour of Cornelius Beekman’s historic residence as it was furnished around 1911.
 Screen shot 2014-07-15 at  Jul 15   3.40.12 PM    

“Carolyn Kingsnorth, Historic Jacksonville
Aired December 26, 2014, about the non-profit organization who’s mission is to bring living history to the Jacksonville’s prominent historic buildings.

December-2014-CoverDecember 14, 2014   “Beekman House “Boxing Day” Tours Benefit ACCESS
Historic Jacksonville, Inc. will celebrate the Victorian Christmas Boxing Day tradition on Saturday and Sunday, December 27 and 28… Although Queen Victorian did not declare Boxing Day a national holiday until 1871, the tradition of giving money and other gifts to those who were needy and in service positions can be traced to the Middle Ages… Read more.
Ashland Chamber Commerce
November 24, 2014


  “Experience a Victorian Christmas at Jacksonville’s Historic Beekman House!”
Throughout December, costumed docents share the origins of popular Christmas traditions and Beekman family holiday festivities in the late 1800s.  Find the good luck German pickle ornament … Read more.
September-2014-Cover-SidebarSeptember 13, 2014   “Travel in the Victorian Age
Via horseback, stagecoach, sailing ship, steamship, railway, and “horseless carriage,” Americans were on the move during the second half of the 19th Century! View antique cars and learn about the rapid changes … 
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Screen shot 2014-07-15 at  Jul 15   3.43.10 PMJuly 11, 2014   “The Doctor Will See You Now…” Jefferson Exchange interview discusses Victorian Medical Practices
The next time you wait just a little too long for the doctor, consider the fate of our Victorian ancestors. Maybe the waits were shorter, but what was the quality of their care? That question, and others, are answered … Read more.
Screen shot 2014-07-15 at  Jul 15   3.38.19 PMJuly 11, 2014   “Beekman House Tours focus on medical practices”
A kitchen sink that is open underneath may seem rustic, but it was a pioneer family’s adaptation to the rapidly changing health and medical priorities of the Victorian era.The sink, open for air circulation to ward off germs, will be just one of the Beekman family artifacts discussed during tours of the family home … Read more.
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June 14, 2014
  “History Saturday at Beekman House Quilt Show”
Crazy quilt pillows made by Julia Beekman, a Victorian crazy quilt that once belonged to Ginger Rogers, and the Applegate Trail Quilt will be among the featured items when the Jacksonville Museum Quilters and Historic Jacksonville, Inc. celebrate Jacksonville History Saturday on June 14th at the 1873 Cornelius C. Beekman House.This popular Jacksonville attraction … Read more.
Screen shot 2014-07-15 at  Jul 15   3.40.12 PM   “Historic Jacksonville, Inc. with Carolyn Kingsnorth”
Aired June 5, 2014

Screen shot 2014-07-15 at  Jul 15   3.42.00 PMMay 18, 2014

  “Jacksonville History Saturday”
JACKSONVILLE – With a light rain falling, a group gathers at the Jacksonville Cemetery. Umbrellas bloom. Willows weep. It’s not a funeral, though, but a hands-on history lesson. The cemetery tours are part of a new event, Jacksonville History Saturdays, held the second Saturday of the month all summer in this Old West town just west of Medford. The hilltop resting spot is … Read more.
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April 7, 2014
  “Jacksonville History to Come Alive”
Visitors will again peer into the vault and safe of Oregon’s second-oldest bank, as a new group revives tours at California Street’s Beekman Bank on second Saturdays from May through September. Historic Jacksonville Inc. will bring back the tours that ended when the Southern Oregon Historical Society left town a half-decade ago. The new organization … Read more.
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March 31, 2014
  “Historic Buildings to Life
Historic Jacksonville, Inc., a newly formed non-profit, is making plans for educational programs, events, and activities that will breathe more life into Jacksonville’s historic buildings. “Jacksonville’s economy relies on tourism,” points out Tim Balfour, secretary of the new organization and president of the Jacksonville Chamber of Commerce. “People may come here for Britt, for food and wine, or for history, but Jacksonville’s historic buildings are the core … Read more.

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