No Longer on the Map

Historic Jacksonville, Inc. has periodically posted “no longer on the map” segments about well-known or prominent Jacksonville locations that no longer exist.  Recent fires significantly added to the “no longer on the map” list, as Talent and Phoenix, our neighbors and friends, lost homes, businesses, and community focal points.  These landmarks have been part of our local and regional history. 


We anticipate that Phoenix, like its namesake, will rise from the ashes and Talent will again find its starring role.  Plans are already underway to rebuild, reopen, and reestablish these communities.

In the meantime, we join in mourning their losses and acknowledging the devastation these individuals and communities have experienced.  When people lacked information, Historic Jacksonville created this (temporarily) “no longer on the map” list based on locations reported to us by community members.  You can now visit for specific addresses and street-view photographs identifying sites destroyed as well as those with major damage, minor damage, cosmetic damage, and those unaffected.

A huge THANK YOU to all the first responders, emergency service personnel, and volunteers who have worked and are working so hard to control the extent of the damage and service the needs of the individuals and businesses who have seen their lives turned upside down.

We recognize that recovery may take years, but we also salute the community spirit that has so many organizations and individuals  stepping forward to help.  This outpouring of support reminds us that, in spite of our differences, we are “one”; that part of community is “unity”!

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