Victorian Days

Join Historic Jacksonville between 11 a.m. and 3 p.m. on the third weekends of April, May, September and October 2020 for special Saturday and Sunday Victorian Days tours at Jacksonville’s historic Beekman House Museum.  View different aspects of life in the late 1800s through the lens of the gold mining town of Jacksonville and the Beekman family, the town’s most prominent and wealthiest pioneers.  

4/18 & 4/19 – Victorian Medical Practices – “From Practice to Profession”

In the late 1800s, most doctors were still “practitioners” lacking any formal medical education; hospitals were virtually non-existent; epidemics wiped out large numbers of residents; and narcotics, opiates, alcohol, and poisons were the base of most medicines.  During this same time, the discovery of germs led to major advances in hygiene and sanitation, and Victorians became concerned about health above almost all other issues of the day.  

5/23 & 5/24 – Newfangled Inventions – “The 19th Century Industrial Revolution

The 19th Century Industrial Revolution changed the Victorian World!  New inventions impacted virtually every aspect of life—manufacturing, agriculture, transportation, communication, culture, and more.  Technology transformed society—work, chores, fashion, relationships, leisure, sports, etc.  Imagine before and after the telephone, the camera, the sewing machine, the automobile, electricity, indoor plumbing, and more! 

9/19 & 9/20 – Victorian Fashion“The Well-Dressed Victorian”

No clothing style in history is as popular as Victorian Era fashion! These special tours feature mannequin displays of Victorian garments on loan from the Southern Oregon Historical Society collection plus costumed docents in fashions that would have been appropriate for typical Victorian activities in each room of the house.  Docents will share information on their particular clothing style, its evolution, and the SOHS fashions being showcased.  Styles include clothing for social calls, travel, daytime activities, formal dinners, mourning, country outings, servants, undergarments, and more.

10/17 & 10/18 – Victorian Mourning Customs“Honoring the Dearly Departed”

The Victorians created elaborate rituals around the passing of a loved one.  A funeral invitation and Victorian casket in the house parlor will recreate the sense of a home funeral of the era.  Mirrors will be draped in black, clocks stopped, and photos of the deceased turned to the wall.   Docents will share proper Victorian mourning etiquette for home décor, clothing, funerals, and social behavior as well as superstitions, séances, mementos, and a few popular practices of the time that we would find bizarre today.

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One-hour tours begin every 15 minutes.  All activities are at Jacksonville’s 1873 C.C. Beekman House Museum, located at 470 E. California Street.  Admission is $5.  

Private tours for groups of 10 to 15 can also be arranged at a cost of $10 per person.

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