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P. P. Prim House

December 29, 2020

The acreage on North 5th Street from Blackstone Alley through the Jacksonville Buggy Wash was originally home to Judge Paine Page Prim.  A successful lawyer, Prim represented Jackson County at the Oregon Constitutional Convention, served as a state senator and a Circuit Judge, and was a Justice of the Oregon Supreme Court for 21 years.  In 1860, local contractor, David Linn, built an attractive home at this location for Prim and his growing family.  However, Prim’s young wife Theresa, left at home with 2 small children, grew tired of his extended absences and disenchanted with him.  She told him she no longer loved him and publicly declared him to be disagreeable and offensive.  In order to save face, Prim sued for divorce.  However, he never followed through and the couple eventually reconciled.  A third child was the result, and Theresa learned to endure Prim’s absences by opening a millinery shop. 

The Prim House burned in the early 1960s.  Now you can wash your car, shop for a home, have your taxes figured, have your teeth cleaned, and get a massage on the site.

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