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Good afternoon, dear friends. I am so disappointed that in the interest of health we have to cease our usual social calls. My husband, Cornelius Beekman, and I do miss having you visit us here at the Beekman House. However, a good friend of the family has explained how we can still visit using the post … or did he say “posts”? I don’t believe he meant sending letters, although that’s what I’ve always understood post to mean, and we do have regular mail service in Jacksonville. Anyway, he is helping me with this new communication that still allows us to receive guests. So do join me on Mondays and Thursdays. We are usually “at home” between 3 and 5.


June 8, 1912


June 11, 1912


June 15, 1912

June 18, 1912

June 22, 1912

June 25, 1912

June 29, 1912

July 2, 1912

July 6, 1912

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